Saturday, May 30, 2009

I may be broke forever...

I don't know how I'll survive with me trying to not spend anymore after my last custom orders. Not with new ArtLab pieces being posted in her Etsy shop. Now this first one isn't new, but Patricia has posted some more pictures and relisted the 'Charlie Chaplin Couture Bib' that I've blogged about before as 'Industrial Couture'. Possibly because I'm apparently the only one smart enough to have ordered this gorgeous piece. I think the original pictures with the model are lovely, but the ones on the dress form really showcase the stunning beauty of this avant garde bib. You know you want this.

And I'm stunned by the new '1/2 Ration Noir Dress'. Half of a ration never seemed like enough before.

And finally, I must say that I automatically shy away from all things denim except for denim jeans. But Patricia's 'Raw Edge Denim Dress'...Sigh.

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