Monday, May 25, 2009

Laundry day

For my husband's pump-up-before-the-race iPod playlist yesterday, he included the oh so catchy 'Destroy Everything You Touch' by Ladytron. Now, ever since a sad young man came into the used book store I used to work at to sell his treasured Ladytron albums, I've been hooked on this multi-national and multi-talented quartet. I had the pleasure of seeing all 4 perform together live last year, and I have to say it's one of the best shows I've ever ever seen. And I must admit my wee crush on singer Helen Marnie. Her voice is perfection, a combo of clear and breathy tones. And her range is phenomenal and effortless. Just something about singing with her hand on her hip, silhouetted by the lights, and wearing a fabulous yet simple architectural outfit (and hair style). The show also gave me a chance to wear this outift by fellow Canadian onearmedscissor, one of my very best purchases from ebay (she's gladly on Etsy now). Yes, I have quite diverse tastes in clothing. And I think every girl that dyes her hair black at least thinks about dressing goth/industrial for at least one evening. I have a couple outfits on hand for such occasions...

And yes, I do also have a crush on all things ArtLab. I have yet to lay my hands on my own ArtLab piece, but I would indeed go broke if I could have all the ones I want. But today is laundry day, so I'm dreaming of all things new and clean to wear, even while cleaning the dirty ones (with a sore back at that - aren't I glamourous!). Next up I think will be 'Andromache's Destruction Noir' (again, LOVE the classical reference in the title). It will certainly encourage my scarf addiction, especially when I layer this beauty with some wide-legged pants once it inevitably becomes cold again. And perhaps after that will be her 'Star Trek Princess Dress'. Now I'm no Trekkie, but this dress fulfills all my comfortable yet irrestibly chic desires for a dress. And that bronze colour!!!

P.S. Thanks to Queen Michelle (and to Patricia for posting) for her fabulous layering of her ArtLab bustle with a ruffle-y/flow-y blush/nude coloured dress/tunic. I can't wait to get mine now. :)

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