Sunday, May 24, 2009

I am a proud wife

My husband finished 15th out of 31 guys in his first ever mountain bike race! I am so very proud. The race was a lot of fun to watch and it's a gorgeous gorgeous day out. I got a wee bit of scalp burn since I am not a hat-wearing kind of girl, but I shall live. I wish I had Jenclaire's romantic Isadora Duncan dress to wear today, although the bike course was indeed too dusty to wear this beauty out:

I'm also really wanting these Melissa shoes today. I was searching for something close to those Chie Mihara bootie sandals I posted about before (but vegan), and stumbled upon these. Totally digging the modern jellies. Probably in black though. The only gold shoes I've ever owned were my wedding shoes, and I imagine things will stay that way.

And on an unrelated note, is it wrong to like red and purple together? I got these delightful Under the Root 'Jester Blumen' for lounging around the house in, and now I quite like the colour combo. There's just something lovely about a dark, romantic, gothic purple with a vibrant, passionate (and magical?) red...

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