Friday, May 22, 2009

Fashion therapy

Day 2 of staying home sick with back pain. My muscles along my spine are all swollen, so I didn't really feel like going to work and lifting bins of blood and plasma all day. Although perhaps the -50 degree Celsius freezer would've felt nice...

It's actually sunny and warm out today, so today I'm thinking of this outfit:

L. Weatherread's delightful "origami for your body", her 'Ruched raw cotton shirt/jacket' (with wood enclosure, rather than horn) + My second ever Bonzie purchase, my beloved 'Ethereal Elegant Dress' + The last pair of leather shoes I will ever buy - red patent flats, Belle by Sigerson Morrison. I dreamed about these red shoes (they're magic shoes!) and rescued them from the last pair sale shelf. Every girl should have a pair of red shoes.

Now in reality I don't wear short dresses, so this outfit would be completed by some skinny black jeans, methinks. And I'd really really like this bag too, celapiu's Hybrid Bag in Large:

I hope my back feels better tomorrow. The red shoes should cure it.

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