Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Marriage hoody

Oh there's just something about today that brings back memories of our beach marriage. Perhaps it's the overcast skies, wind, and forecasted showers (it was very windy and rainy that day). Perhaps it's a smell in the muggy air that reminds me of the ocean smell (or perhaps that's the possibly dead skunk I've been smelling for the past 3 days?). Perhaps it's the date (our anniversary is March 26th). Perhaps it's my recent desire for some vegan friendly gladiator sandals (I wore some cheap and lovely black sequined sandals that laced up my calves). Or perhaps it's my constant lament for a truly multi-functional (ie. flattering and goes with any outfit at all) black hoody, brought up today by the fact that my semi-functional black hoody is still air-drying from laundry day.

See, I got married in a black hoody. Mind you, it was only our legal wedding that occurred on the beach. We had a proper church ceremony and (the best ever) reception/party a few months later, since my wedding dress (bought a year before in hopes of getting married within the next 5 pounds) was in a different province when we legally married. But back to this hoody. We were really poor back then and I 'splurged' on this $40 simple black hoody with a wide ribbon drawstring. It's apparently a very small (Canadian?) brand called Song. I've only seen the brand at this store called Off the Wall, but I've never seen anything even close to similar (and the local branch of the store is totally atrocious). I still have the beloved hoody, but I've literally loved it to pieces and really should frame it or something before it's completely threadbare. I just haven't been able to find a replacement. I custom ordered a hoody from joodito, but it turned out to need careful handling with the satin features (on the left), rendering it an extremely beautiful non-everyday hoody. I'm hoping a reworking of SCHiZO's 'D'Artagnan' in solid black will do the trick (on the right).

Anyway, this muggy weather is making me paw through my closet for the lightest possible thing to wear. In reality, all I want to wear right now is Lorimarsha's breathtaking collage of lace that is her 'Truly Madly Deeply' dress. Sigh. Now that's a beach wedding dress if I ever saw one...

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