Tuesday, July 30, 2013

kOs Has Moved!

It is decided: as of August 1, 2013, all new posts will be posted only on the new site, http://musingsofbuffyleigh.wordpress.com. That is, the new version of kOs has almost the same URL, but with 'wordpress.com' instead of 'blogspot.[insert your country's top level domain here]'. This original version of kOs will remain in existence both for my own purposes (in editing the copied posts whose formatting got screwed up in the move), and because links referring back to older posts will not be changed (at least in the foreseeable future) and will thus lead the curious reader back here. Also, I've been weeding out a lot of the older posts on the new site because they just weren't up to snuff formatting-wise and/or were throw-away/rather embarrassing posts. Those will remain here in all their awkward glory for those who want to explore kOs' roots.

I sincerely hope you all will make the transition with me and update your bookmarks/blog reader/email subscription. I'm quite happy with the new formatting I've settled on, with less scrolling needed, a cleaner presentation sans-sidebar, wider space for each post, and a much easier commenting process. If you have any trouble navigating it though or really really miss something that I've eliminated with the new look (e.g. the sidebar), let me know. The new site even has a contact form (click 'Contact' on the top navigation bar or here), so please feel free to send me any comments that way. Also, as I never had a WordPress account before, I could never follow WordPress blogs. I'm sure I've been missing out on some good stuff, so please send me any suggestions of WP blogs I should follow.

Anywho, it's been lovely spending time with you here on Blogger. Hope to see you on WordPress.

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