Thursday, July 4, 2013

Yiqing Yin, F/W 13/14

Without any new (real) Alexander McQueen to look forward to and Inbar Spector being on a bit of break enjoying being a new mother, I thought my sources for haute couture had been depleted. But thankfully I was wrong, as Yiqing Yin has unknowingly volunteered herself for the role with her F/W 13/14 couture collection, just shown in Paris. Phewf. Interestingly, though I immediately gravitate to pieces that belong on Björk (i.e. the first one), I'm particularly drawn to the last one. And I think my man knows why more than I do myself. For, though agreeing with me on the Björk-ness of the first dress and the Oscar-ness of the third, he said that the last one looked like a Japanese cherry blossom tree painting. So much better than my description ('it looks like bandages'). Anyone interested in a 'Mr. Buffy Leigh's Fashion Impressions' feature?

(Photos via Yiqing Yin's Facebook)

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