Sunday, July 28, 2013

Moving pains*

So, just a quick update on the possible blog-moving. I played around with the different free themes WordPress has to offer today, and of course the one I chose that best suits the content of kOs does not allow for embedded videos in normal posts. I.e. I'd have to pay $60 a year to re-insert videos (that you can watch on the YouTubes or here for free) into old posts, as the videos that were already embedded in the original posts are now gone in the imported copies, and embedding videos in a pre-existing post is not possible. Is anyone opposed to not being able to watch videos directly on the WordPress kOs in the old posts? I can go back to any old posts that had videos to insert the URL, and perhaps should anyway since I'm sure some videos have been taken down by now. Let me know if this matters to you.

And speaking of going back, I have to go back and reformat literally every old post. In the import process, nearly all my careful formatting got lost in translation, such as specific picture-sizing and spacing inserted before/after photos and at the end of posts. I rather like the theme I was working with today (apart from the no-video nonsense) and the overall much-needed makeover, so I have already taken the time to re-edit a few pages of posts. The earliest posts though are complete disasters and not worth the work, in my opinion. So, I'm thinking I should completely delete some of the early posts from the WordPress site, and just leave them here if anyone feels the need to read them. Any thoughts? Of course, this would mean that I won't delete this site at all, but I'm already thinking that's necessary since all my references in kOs posts to other kOs posts link back here and not to the imported copies of the posts on the new WordPress site. Any thoughts/feelings/impressions are welcome.

(Photo that I had saved ages ago via Fashion156, from Parkeharrison)

*This is also posted on the Blogger site, in a slightly modified form.

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