Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Crash love is a burning thing

I am quite distracted as I write this post. I'm in the process of finally listening to the newest album of my once favorite band, and my ears and heart are in the bitterest of battles. Not sure what the outcome will be here. If this ends horribly, however, there are quite good parts of this day to (almost) make up for it.

1) Our car is fixed, at no (immediate) cost to us. I hear we owe the in-laws a trip to Europe when my man is a rich and famous librarian, but I think that's far enough away to not have to stress about the costs of 4 holidaying adults. ((The opening two songs were quite catchy, I have to admit.))

2) I've received all of the Christmas presents I've already purchased (only one more major one to go!), and they're all absolutely wonderful. I'm secretly hoping no one likes any of them so I can keep them all. ((Ooo, this song hurts quite a bit.)) P.S. The complexgeometries stifler sweatshirt is beyond amazing. Everyone should get one in steel grey. Just saying.

3) I had the best cheesecake in the entire world for lunch today. Pumpkin Kahlua, topped with cream cheese icing and a deliciously chewy ginger/molasses/spicy cookie. I felt a tad silly eating my huge dessert in a lunchroom full of dieting people, but mostly scared that any moment one of them would steal it from me to feed their starving selves. ((Okay, you can't beat his 'Oh!'s. Sigh))

4) I came across this gorgeous architectural jacket by Amoelbarroco, aptly named the 'Black architecture jacket'. Just lovely. ((Hmm...those lyrics at least sound like the old stuff.))

5) And that reminds me of Alexandra Groover's gorgeous and newly-vamped shell hooded dress. Sigh. I dream of the day I will own the jacket version. ((...))

So the verdict? They should've at least had a black album cover. Just doesn't fit.

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