Friday, October 16, 2009

Junkhouse Dollyard A/W 09

I was entirely planning on posting 'live and on location' from my charge's house, but it turns out that I find no fashion inspiration whilst wearing scrubs. So sorry for the wait, but it's a good thing since these weren't up before. I just love seeing new postings in the Junkhouse Dollyard Designs shop. There's always something surprising, interesting, and beautifully photographed (as the designer is also a photographer). Today's listings all follow these rules quite nicely. The first piece has a bit too much leather for my liking, but it's grey, jersey, has a bustle, and is wonderfully reminiscent of my adored Andromache dresses. The second piece is just simply gorgeous - army green, layered, and raw edges (just beware of zombie male models!). And the third photo is perhaps my favorite - a deconstructed/tattered and non-restrictive cotton corset with lace-up undies. It even comes with the lovely neck ruffle! Sigh x 3.

Check out the artist's website for a look at more Junkhouse Dollyard clothing designs and photographs.

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