Monday, October 26, 2009

Top of the line

Today marks the launch of two of my most favorite labels' collaboration with Topshop Oxford Circus' pop-up shop, EDIT. Yes, Topshop. The first and long-awaited one is that of Norwegian Wood. As posted on Angie's blog and later reported by Susie Bubble, Angie of NW will have her signature fringe necklaces, feather necklaces, leather cage skirts, and Road Warrior elastic harness available (some in Topshop exclusive colours), as well as brand new panelled leggings and a panelled t-shirt. Eek! A big congrats to Angie for being given such a huge opportunity, and for being the first Canadian to be picked for EDIT! Here are photos (via Style Bubble) of the custom tags that illustrate the new pieces:

Second up is the announcement that E-Label will be arriving at Topshop Oxford Circus. No more information than that brief Facebook post. I can't wait to find out more, especially if this means some more beautiful black clothing to drool over!

So, seems I'm on the wrong side of the pond again, as there's no indication that any Norwegian Wood or E-Label Topshop pieces will be available online. There is however another exciting collaboration that is closer to my neck of the woods: Yokoo, who made my gorgeous new bag, is teaming up with Urban Outfitters! The launch of this new line will be end of October/beginning of November, with this adorable logo (below; via Yokoo's Flickr). Congrats Yokoo!

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