Thursday, October 29, 2009

mydearthing, Winter 09 Preview

I absolutely love these adorable new black dresses (and their photos!) from mydearthing's just-posted preview of the Hindset Winter 09 collection. She's also having a special spend over $100 get a free bamboo/organic cotton t-shirt deal this weekend. I'll take one of each - now how many free tees do I get? Oh, and she's also made a gorgeous hand dip-dyed reversible cardigan. Sigh.

By the way, you need to check out the black and white hand drawings that go with each of the new listings. And I love the idea behind this collection, copied from the Etsy listings:

"The Hindset Winter 09 Collection is a response to the excitement/ anti-climax that the holidays can present. Clothing worn during this time needs to be comfortable, sexy and versatile, with little surprises that make them noticeable. I chose to do a collection of clean, modern dresses and shirts made entirely out of various kinds of black fabric. The outerwear and accessories are varying shades of black and gray. The result is an elegant combination of textures which is anything but limiting. These garments are meant to be layered with other pieces from this collection, in addition to objects from your existing closet. Those layers can be shed during the season to reveal a unique core. So, whether you have a great party to go to or not, you will have a fantastic dress to wear anyway!"

I myself would have a hard time to choose between the top two pictured dresses. Hmm...

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