Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sorry for the pink

There's something about this dress that I just love. I had a couple of runway photos saved long ago in my 'ideas' folder for the ingenious wrap around sleeves/shrug (sorry, can't remember where the photo on the left came from!). But now that I found the photos again after finding out that the dress is available for order on the Worlds End website (photo on right; also in a nude pink or black), it's the dress as a whole that's getting my attention. The sleeves just add this lovely armour effect, whilst the iconic Vivienne Westwood draping adds contrasting femininity. And that simple yet surprising V waistline is just lovely. A nice pre-cursor to what I think is a lovely style of wearing an undone bodysuit over top of a skirt (à la Queen Michelle here). Now, can I justify a cool 280 pounds for the dress (of course in black) plus 70 pounds for matching sleeves? Sigh. I think I'll at least add the sleeves to my list of DiY projects.

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