Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pant obsession

I'm really becoming obsessed with this general style of pant (draped/voluminous hips/pockets, skinny legs) since seeing those gorgeous Georgy Baratashvili men's draped pants (left). And then Queen Michelle posted these Kaylee Tankus women's pants (middle). And then of course there's Jaana's photo of her in her favorite pants, her Maria Matintytär Maattola 'carrot-shaped' pants (right; ah, the Finnish...). So now I'm seriously contemplating taking that one pair of super skinny scenester pants I bought and wore twice, and adding a draped layer to them. and perhaps an inside button-up faux layer like my lovely Vivienne Westwood pants, since these skinnies are way too low rise for my 26-year-old body. Just not sure my skills are up to the task. Sigh.

In other news, I'm seeing this man tomorrow. I'm rather excited.

P.S. He takes amazing photos! This one is via here.

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