Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ball (Anti-)Gown

Excuse my very poor attempts at Paintbrush. I do wish there was a real version of Paintbrush for Mac, as this program is missing a lot of key elements (such as being able to cut around what you want to cut and paste, rather than just cutting out a box shape). Nonetheless, I just woke up from the weirdest dream, and wanted to recreate the outfit my mind put my sister in. We were at a party and she showed up wearing this thing around her that was basically a reconfigured shiny jet black garbage bag, slung around her one shoulder like those one strap across the body backpacks that used to be 'cool' for guys. The other side is supported at her right shoulder with a huge ball of something, like the pendant of the Hanna af Ekström Knot Necklace (cut and pasted onto my Looklet 'sister base'). Then the garbage bag itself is stuffed full of similar ball things, creating this massive blob hanging from my sister's side. And let me tell you, this outfit (or thing, as underneath she was just wearing a turtle neck sweater and jeans) made her quite popular, as she left the party with all her new friends to go for a night out on the town, showing off this garbage 'masterpiece'. I was not amused.

But if you are amused by this, I will sell you the rights for my Ball (Anti-)Gown. Don't want to keep this stuff all to myself you know. Ah, dreams.

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