Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sofia Järnefelt

Excuse me for talking with food in my mouth, but I'm absolutely ravenous from my never-ending day, and I felt the urgent need to inform you of a spectacular designer. That is, if you didn't read your daily helping of The door in my wardrobe yesterday (which you should have!). Perhaps it's simply because Jaana of The door is Finnish herself, and thus introduces me to many Finnish designers I have not heard of, but it seems like Finland is a magical place where amazing art (and music) is born. And now I have one more name to support this thesis: Sofia Järnefelt. The piece posted by Jaana (and pictured above) especially caught my eye. Sadly, after contacting Sofia, I discovered that this "rope thingie/upper body jewellery" is already sold out. Nonetheless, my interest is piqued, and so I will wait patiently to see what new wonders are created for Sofia's next collection, which will be out in May 2010. Sigh. And perhaps I now have another DiY project to add to the lengthening list (perhaps I could make a rope thingie with shoelaces?).

Oh, and this vest/back cage piece (which looks increasingly awesome the more and more I look at it) is still available, so email Sofia if you're interested.

Now that was some good Mongolian with Tofu Wok Box...

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