Thursday, October 15, 2009

3 Perfect T's

I've been thinking lately how much my style has changed within the last decade, and even within the last year. I used to be such a (band) t-shirt and jeans sort of girl. But thanks to my expanding/maturing body, I grew dissatisfied with the common tee, and expanded my wardrobe horizons with all different shapes of tops. However, I've obviously never grown out of my love for jersey. And I think my ArtLab Andromache's Deconstruction dresses have rekindled the desire for owning some favorite no-fuss tees that I can just throw on and feel comfortable no matter what size I'm feeling that day. Surprisingly I've found three tees that are more than adequate for the job, AND actually look like I did put some effort into dressing myself. That was almost too easy!

1) complexgeometries lanky t: This tee is quite fitted, so Adam at cg quite rightly suggested I order a size up from usual. I still wouldn't wear it on it's own at full length, but it's absolutely perfect for layering under so many pieces. And it also looks quite adorable scrunched up around the hips to normal tee length. Incredibly soft with raw edges, 100% cotton, and made in Canada.

2) Gemma Degara's Printed Tail T-Shirt: This is from Gemma's A/W 09/10 'Sleepless Night' collection. I fell in love with Gemma's subtly peaked shoulders on jersey tops with her last collection (reminiscent of Vivienne Westwood's witch tops and dresses) and am glad to see them back. I am not really a fan of crop tops, but I could definitely handle this asymmetric hem with something layered underneath (like my trusty Treehouse 28 Wide Strap Dress). I might even turn it around to have the long end in front. And I love love love owls!

3) Take Off Your Clothes' godet t-shirt: The handkerchief draped inset is made of stretch mesh. Simple yet gorgeous.

Having said that, my Andromache dresses truly remain my go-to 't-shirts'. They've almost become my signature piece.

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