Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I was really planning on doing a 'normal' post tonight, but I got totally broadsided by a new-to-me Finnish blog by the name of OutsaPop, the newest member of my blog roll. Not only does this woman create the most incredible zipper jewelry, but she posts so many great DiY ideas and projects of her own. I've seen a lot of the images via my own Internet prowling on Etsy, Pixie Market, Kingdom of Style, and Not Just a Label. But it's great to have everything collected all in one place, along with some amazing ideas/images that are completely new to me. I'm definitely inspired. Once my Vivienne Westwood/Braveheart inspired dress comes off my dress form and is completed, I think these two images in particular shall spur on my next projects (Rodarte and Balmain S/S 10 pieces). Or join the line up anyway.

On another note, I noticed that there's also a post on my good friend Bonzie, featuring the skirt of my dreams that has been lost forever. Sigh.

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