Saturday, October 24, 2009

Magic ruffles

So folks, I'm quite sick. Seems all the bugs going around caught me with my guard down whilst I was having a magical day yesterday with my massage, free Starbucks beverage, and Moby concert. Sigh. I do wish I had this wonderful ArtLab grey flannel scarf, which does double duty as a wrap. Looks so comforting...I'm off to bed to dream of it, and hopefully to regain my health. Although I might need ruffles to do the trick.

P.S. Patricia's sold two of these today already (edit: as of Monday morning, eight of these have sold!), so check out her shop if the link doesn't work anymore. It might not if I can't sleep and I get up to buy it for myself. (edit: There is now a gorgeous steel grey wool and black plum version listed here.)

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