Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bullet-proof Bib

Well, the F/W 09 installment of The In-laws Visit has come to an end. So as I sit here typing my post in a pug-infested Label of Hope sweater, I dream of my outfit tomorrow that can and will consist of as many ruffles and delicate layers as I like. It will need to consist of many layers at that though, with the day-long snow fall we had today and the below zero temperature that will apparently be sticking around for at least the next week or two. I will not despair, however, as long as I can have the new ArtLab Couture Bib No. 2 Noir as one of these layers. I love my Charlie Chaplin/Industrial Couture bib so much, and so I fully expect this new version to creep into my wardrobe even more with the gorgeous "bullet proof vest/harness/armor/pleats" added to the already wonderful ArtLab bib-ness (?). I have a feeling Queen Michelle would love one of these as well.

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