Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mandatory style holiday

The in-laws are in town for the next couple of weeks, meaning we'll be spending a lot of time over at my brother-in-law's place. This is turn inevitably means that my style will be somewhat lacking for the next few days. The thing is, I love coming home after work not just because it means I'm not at work and my favorite person is waiting there for me, but because I can dress up as much as I'd like once I get out of my scrubs. And I do like to dress up, even just to get myself my Starbucks fix. With the arrival of the in-laws, however, I will be spending a lot of time around my very stinky, jumpy, and shedding 'niece', also known as my brother-in-law's pug. And thus I cannot wear most of my wardrobe in order to save them from being shredded and infested with short wiry hairs. Thanks goodness for my trusty jeans and sweatshirts! Perhaps I shall live in my custom SCHiZO hoody for the next couple of weeks, as it's sturdy, comfy, AND stylish. And the sleeves were named after me.

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