Thursday, September 24, 2009

Winged shoes

Somehow I missed these during my weekly perusal of Vivienne Westwood's website, but Susie of Style Bubble kindly pointed them out today. I'm a huge fan of the VW/Melissa shoe collaboration (especially this season's 3-strap ballerina shoe), as they are entirely vegan friendly. I have not yet gotten myself a pair though, as shoes are quite low on my list of priorities when it comes to spending money. And I'm pretty sure that I would never purchase these new S/S 10 shoes (available either October or November or February - ?), as I'm too tall for even a flat wedged shoe. I'm also not too keen on the foot strap detailing - I'd perhaps prefer if it were a nice closed rounded toe. What I do love about these, though, is the classical mythology nod with the Hermes/Mercury wings at the ankles (and the marble effect of the PVC itself). What can I say? I'm a Classics nerd. It's worked out so far for me, as it's what attracted me to Patricia Ayres' ArtLab pieces, with titles such as 'Bustle of Lysistrata', 'Athena's Head Covering', and 'Andromache's Deconstruction'. And so, it only makes sense that I give Vivienne Westwood yet another thumbs up.

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