Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The not-so-pop-up Shop

This is really weird. I just got a new computer and now my blog looks very weird to me. Is this how it looks to everyone else? Hmm...unsure how I feel about this...

Anywho, today's the unveiling of the September edition of NJAL's The Shop. I'm also unsure how I feel about this. I knew that The Shop would be bigger than in previous months, but I was kinda hoping that meant Lara would have more picks than the past curators. However, it simply means that, along with Lara's new picks, there's all the stuff that didn't sell from The Shop in July and August. I kind of find that sad. I liked to think that people were frantically clicking and buying up the last of the wares before The Shop closed down for the new edition. I even pictured all my favorites safely flying to their new homes. But, at the same time, I guess I feel like I've been reacquainted with some old friends, as two of my most favorite pieces from The Shop that apparently never sold are available once again. Hmm...Anyway, here are my (new) favorites from September's version of The Shop:

1) The Soldier Dress by Davorka Pozgan. Nothing needs to be said about this piece. Just look at it.

2) Overall Dress by Awareness and Consciousness. It's one size! And modal! And black! And it's not even a dress!

3) Jogger by Vilde Svaner. I think these are new anyway. They're not listed in 'Lara Stone's Choice', but I don't remember seeing them before, at least not with these particular photos. Anyway, these look way too comfy to pass up. Plus, they are one size fits all AND are made of organic cotton and recycled sweatshirts. And while these are actually unisex, I think women get the better deal, as we can wear the waistband as a bandeau. Not that I would necessarily, but I like having a greater degree of laziness as an option.

And, here are two of my old friends:

1) You know what these are. Too bad this time I can't be tempted.

2) This time around, this is classified as Womenswear, not Unisex. I think I can agree, as I think this model makes it look even better than last time around.

I'm really curious to see what they do with The Shop in the future. It would make me even sadder to see it absolutely bursting at the seams in a couple of months because the pieces weren't selling in large numbers. It's good for the designers to still have their pieces available for sale, but I do like the idea of rotating stock, like those pop-up shops in the UK I always read about. We shall see I spose. Now, onto doing some rehab on my legs. I do hope my bike will forgive me for hurting it.

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