Thursday, September 24, 2009

kjoo + cameos = perfection

So lately I've been making a list of places I need to go as soon as possible and/or for the next fashion week (NYC, Portland, and London). These pieces by the lovely Maria of kjoo (no. 467 and no. 453) have momentarily distracted me from lamenting my geographical location, however, and have instead transported me back to my junior high school days. You see, I have always had a deep love for cameos. I quite vividly remember my new outfit for the first day of Grade 7, which consisted of khaki culottes, a Victorian-inspired button up long sleeved shirt complete with black and cream stripes and about 50 buttons, and 2-inch wide pearl and silver brooch which I wore over the top button of the shirt. I loved that brooch to pieces, but I always wished it were a cameo, which would make my outfit 100% cool (!). And now I'm practically drooling over these new kjoo pieces, which perfectly pair vintage cameos with Maria's incredible crocheting and felting. Check out this incredible interview with Maria, Etsy's newest Featured Seller - personally, I'm quite tickled to find out that Björk is Maria's muse.

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