Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In need of an army blacket

I'm rather hesitant to make a new post today because I'd like that gorgeous ArtLab photo to always be at the top of my blog. Sigh. Perhaps I can justify bumping it down by working ArtLab into this post too (surprise!).

I'm also rather hesitant to blog about a huge label here. I know I've mentioned Vivienne Westwood a few times, but that's simply because she's a genius. And now, after being tipped off yet again by Queen Michelle, I really feel that I must post here about another big label which I've of course heard about, but never paid attention to because of my indie/handmade sensibilities. The label in question in Comme des Garçons. More importantly, the piece in question is a hybrid between an army jacket and a blanket. Yes, a blanket. I for one always have a blanket on me if I'm in any type of reclining position at home. And I've always loved the look of an army jacket. Indeed, Linda Cardellini's character in Freak and Geeks would be my fashion icon if I was transported in time back to high school.

Therefore, I believe this Comme des Garçons piece to be made just for me. However, I would never buy such a high end piece (unless, perhaps, it was actually a Vivienne Westwood piece). And so, I think I need to get both the ArtLab Revolutionary Jacket Oversized and a big ol' tartan blanket statim.

I spose another option if I want to tone down the army look would be to get Peeko Apparel's Kayo Wrap-Vest, and sneak a blanket in under those pants too (the wrap is made from men's dress pants). I might need a bigger belt though.

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