Tuesday, September 1, 2009

E is for Hood-E

Uh oh. Is it cheating if I'm just looking? Tipped off by Her Highness, Queen Michelle, I just clued in to the wonder that is E-Label. Honestly, all I had to hear was that they work extensively with jersey and are based in Reykjavik to make me an instant fan. But then I saw the hoodies. I'm in trouble. Perhaps if I get the pullover one instead of a zipped one, The Hoody won't be jealous. Here's hoping.

If you also have a jersey and hoody addiction, you may want to stay clear of their well-designed and incredibly interesting website. But if you don't want to heed my words, click here. I will continue to figure out the exchange rate from Icelandic Kronurs to Canadian dollars while I enjoy my birthday apple pie and iced coffee with milk, courtesy of my lovely parents. Perhaps listening to Sigur Rós and Björk some more will unlock the secrets of foreign currency...

edit: Oops! Seems I was looking at the Iceland-only version of the website. Click here for the worldwide friendly version, where you only have to convert from pounds to your currency. Phewf! Pieces available also slightly differ between websites (the two on the right are available only on the Iceland site).

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