Sunday, September 13, 2009

I need some good news

I don't remember being this stressed out in quite some time. I thought I had been cured with a hilarious viewing of old family videos (on beta, not VHS!). But I was brought back to reality with a full spilled glass of iced chai latte.

1) Our car is almost toast, and we're too scared to take it in for the estimate on how much it will cost. This may inevitably mean I won't ever own the most beautiful dress in the world. Sigh.

2) I went to the most painful dinner party last night, and I'm already anxious as to how I will be able to avoid the next bi-annual party. So, secondly, sigh.

3) I've been waiting for my man to do another degree so that I can return to school to continue on with my education, as we've been taking turns. However, I've realized that the degree I was planning on doing (well, the degree I was recently planning on doing) is not for me, and now I feel completely lost once again as to what to do 'when I grow up'. Sigh, yet again.

4) I got back on my bike since the first time since my accident, and I totally freaked out going down a hill I had no trouble going down on my old cruiser. So, yes, sigh.

5) My work injury which I was basically told I had made up has returned, leaving me incredibly sore and asymmetrical. In conclusion, sigh.

Perhaps I should just become a bus billboard model. That way I won't get hurt, and I'll get free transit passes. And perhaps I can schedule my photo shoots to coincide with any potentially uncomfortable parties.

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