Thursday, September 17, 2009

Barbie, will you fix our car?

So our car is dead. Well, it might run for another month, but it needs $1400 of immediate work, and $1800 within the next couple of years. We probably couldn't sell it for more than a few hundred dollars, so it's as good as dead. Good thing we live in such a central location where we can walk most places, which we already mainly do anyway. Even so, things just seemed so much simpler as a kid when you didn't have to worry about cars and injuries and lost skirts.

I recently watched some family videos of when I was 4 years old and younger. And I seemed so happy with the simplest things like a birthday card, or a 5-dollar bill which I thought was only worth $1. And perhaps that is why I'm so drawn to Margaux Lange's work. I was never a huge Barbie fanatic and I only owned two whole Barbies myself, besides the shared box of old, unclothed, and broken Barbies and Kens. But I love how something so simple and recognizable as a pink Barbie smile or a blue eyeshadowed Barbie eye can bring an immediate smile. I think it's good to look back on the simple joys of being a child. So even if I'm supremely stressed out with adult life, it's things like Margaux's 're-membered' Barbies that strangely calm me down a bit. Even if they're a tad bit creepy.

Check out Margaux's website and blog for simply gorgeous re-purposed Barbie art.

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