Friday, September 4, 2009

Convertible armholes

I love this open weave top by Dori Tomcsanyi (1st photo). Reminds me of the highly convertible open weave dress by Kelgwo that I've been oogling for ages (2nd photo). Why shouldn't I be able to choose where my arms go in my clothing?!! And both of these in turn make me drool some more over Alexandra Groover's rightly titled Polyorchis Self-Styling Dress (below). Sigh. Note to self: I need to figure out how to get my skirt to loop up onto my arms for my current project on my dress form.

And while I'm on Dori's NJAL page, isn't this outfit (below) just about the comfiest looking thing ever? I sure wish I had this to snuggle up with my ice pack all weekend.

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