Friday, September 11, 2009

No NYFW coverage here

I'm afraid my blog will be hopelessly dull and behind the times for the next couple of weeks, with New York Fashion Week now upon us, London Fashion Week following closely behind, and myself far far away from either location. I've never felt how north and fashion irrelevant my hometown is than in the past few days, especially with lovely emailers assuming/hoping I reside in the Big Apple. Sigh. Well, if you get all tuckered out from the plethora of gorgeous photos and great reviews from the next couple of fashion weeks, you know where to come for nice warm cup of blog milk to put you right to sleep.

Actually, I wonder if I can use my own blog as my own lullaby. I suppose the result would simply be a lot of unfinished posts and me sleeping by the moonlight of my computer screen. I've been on the dreaded night shift this week and have not yet properly adjusted my sleep schedule. Although I definitely did not mind being at work last night, as equipment failure meant I spent a glorious 2 1/2 hours in the staff lounge watching "Michael Jackson: Live in Bucharest" in its entirety. Sad to say, this was actually the very first time I saw anything live by MJ. I was definitely entranced. Has anyone ever looked so good in a simple white v-neck t-shirt? I think not.

Anyway, speaking of white v-neck t-shirts, I should be receiving my ArtLab Andromache's Deconstruction Blanc any day now. I'm curious to see which gets more wear, the Noir or the Blanc. Perhaps I could wear both at the same time...At any rate, I think the new Hier Apparel wool (and fully lined!) jacket would look fabulous over top either colour. The peplum/bustle detailing would hit just perfectly on the Andromache. And those delicately curved cuffs are beyond gorgeous. Sigh.

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