Monday, September 14, 2009


A little-known fact about moi is that I am a paid-in-full lifetime member of a band's fan club. This band was extremely important to me as an undergrad student after first discovering the ability to make my own decisions and to analyze those which had been previously imposed upon me. The first CD my future husband lent me (Black Sails in the Sunset, which become one of my favorite albums of all time) was by this band, one of the most incredible live shows I've attended was the first time I saw this band, and the best paper I wrote in my undergrad was on this band. However, in 2003, this band released an album which entirely changed both their sound, their look, and their fan base. I still hold that the main singer and founder is one of the most attractive males to walk the earth and possesses quite an enchanting voice. Now, with the upcoming release of their 8th full-length album, I don't know whether I'm totally dreading or am super excited about September 29th. Perhaps I'll just dress up in my best goth-inspired outfit and crank up that long-borrowed CD if I can't deal with the new sound.

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