Monday, September 21, 2009

Alexandra Groover - S/S 10 snapshots

This is all I've been able to find so far, but I'll take it! These are snapshots of the short film shown at LFW featuring Alexandra Groover's S/S 10 collection (via Vauxhall Fashion Scout). It's all black, architectural in design, and, once again, inspired by nature. I'm excited to see full pictures! I'm wondering if the first photo is the "hooded dress [that] cocooned the body and accentuated the shoulders" - I'm sure I'll want it nonetheless! I just paired my Alexandra Groover 5-hooded hoody (a.k.a. The Hoody) last night with my ArtLab Andromache's Deconstruction Noir, and it was a match made in fashion heaven. Even my man said I looked oh so pretty, and he usually does not agree with my fashion sense.

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