Friday, September 4, 2009

Need to spend some money? Here's where...

Two great new listings in two of my most favorite shops make up for the crummy weather and my oh so swollen legs. The first, the lanky t by complexgeometries, is so very simple, but has such great layering potential. I think this would be perfect for under my Liza Rietz scoop cowl knit gown in particular. And it's available in black, heather grey, or white.

And the second isn't entirely new, but we've only seen this new F/W09/10 ArtLab coat in black so far. I wasn't sure what colour I'd prefer before, but I'm definitely sold on the smoke grey now. By the way, you should probably take advantage of the Labour Day Weekend Sale in the ArtLab shop, as Patricia is taking 10% off absolutely everything! And after you've spent all your money on some ArtLab goodies, join us here on Tuesday for some more ArtLab wonderment.

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