Monday, October 26, 2009

Sumie Tachibana and my newest dream outfit

Just a word of warning folks: scouring the world of the Internet is not necessarily conducive to your health if you are already feeling ill. Inspired by the gothic theme of my last post, I was instantly drawn to a link on Kingdom of Style for a blog entitled Haute Macabre. And it is deliciously macabre indeed. I've always had a certain penchant for gothic inspired fashion, perhaps because of my love of all things black. But my sickly and sleep-deprived body was not prepared for what I found within the pages of this new favorite blog. For I have discovered an amazing designer by the name of Sumie Tachibana, who is "a rising star in the New York independent fashion design scene." The first photo my eyes fell upon, which comes from Sumie's F/W 09 Modern Nomad collection, may very well extend my insomnia for at least a few more hours, as this is now my new dream outfit (click on photo to enlarge a tad). After further digging, I also discovered that Sumie has an Etsy shop, where she has the OOAK leg warmers/spats from this very photo listed for sale. They do have leather, so I'm not sure what do to about that. Nonetheless, the description informs me that the plaid fabric used for the skirt and the leg warmers are a seersuckered wool plaid. I'm not sure I could imagine a more perfect material. And paired with the most perfect hooded jacket in a gorgeous shade of green velvet? Sigh.

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