Saturday, October 3, 2009

Black and grey layers with a chance of army green

It is frightfully cold here, so it's time to start layering much more than summer has allowed me to. If I owned all these pieces, here is what I'd be wearing today. I'm unsure about the shoes though. Besides my heavy duty snow stomping Adidas by Stella McCartney winter boots, I do not own any boots. Some type of vegan boot would definitely be in order here.

Top: The Utterly Intense and Time Consuming Cropped by Isobel and Cleo (click on the picture to see the outrageous detail on this beauty! Oh, and it's 50% off until tomorrow!) - does this picture remind anyone else of this post? Hmm...

Middle: Cobwebs Shawl/Scarf by Las Lopez, double t-shirt dress by Take Off Your Clothes

Bottom: Military Skirt No. 1 and Wool Sleeves by ArtLab, Keep Warm Leggings by Norwegian Wood

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