Sunday, October 11, 2009

Waist wraps and bustles

I feel a twinge of guilt in regards to my blog writing this weekend. I had two absolutely stupendous posts lined up, but I believe they either froze in the snow somewhere on the way to my keyboard, or never left their wordy homes at all. Sigh. I personally don't blame them though, as I would've loved to stay inside this entire weekend myself if I had had the choice. Not that I didn't enjoy having the opportunity to forever preserve my toes in cross-country ski sock encased curlicue formations whilst watching slightly insane cyclists ride round and round a treacherous course yesterday. But I digress.

Off to Etsy to save my blog for the end of the weekend anyway. I do lament the fact that I no longer have my waspy form to fit into this OOAK ArtLab waist wrap (I love that - "waist wrap"; pictured above). I'm just strangely drawn to Patricia's expertise in handling industrial elastic, as with her Bustle of Lysistrata and Clinical Harness. Just gorgeous. (Edit: This piece is now available to be made to your/my measurements!)

And speaking of bustles, I'm so glad to have re-found this incredible high waisted steampunk skirt by PINaR ERIS. This has been in my Etsy Favorites list for literally eons, but as it's tucked back so far, I'd forgotten all about it. And now it's also available in lovely taffeta fabrics! I'm definitely going to be revisiting the idea of ordering myself one, as I'm a sucker for this style of skirt (and it is obviously quite a well-reviewed item from Pinar). Just wondering if I should dive in and order it in red plaid, seeing as I've thus far chickened out on wearing my last red plaid purchase. The black taffeta would make a gorgeous holiday skirt, although my new old Vivienne Westwood pants might get jealous...

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