Monday, October 5, 2009

Mittens = Happiness

I was beginning to question the saying that "mittens buy you happiness" since, even after I bought myself some wonderful new mittens from Nokomis this morning, it was still turning out to be a fairly unhappy day. (What? You haven't heard that saying? Hmm...) However, later on in the day I received a gorgeous pair of Vivienne Westwood harem-type pants in the mail that fit me ever so perfectly (and were only $39 on eBay!), AND my man found out he got the part-time job he had interviewed for this morning. Both these things reduce my stress ever so much as I now have the perfect pair of 'holiday' pants, and I can justify still buying myself something every once in a while (hello Stacey Grant dress!). Oh yeah, and my man's tuition will be covered. I do wish I could include a picture of these amazing pants, but it seems like every Vivienne Westwood piece I own (total now = 2) does not exist in Google Images, at least not in the colour/fabric I have. Which makes me a tad nervous, but I'm sure they're still authentic. Anywho, if you're stressed, buy some mittens - you just may need to wait a few hours for the happiness to kick in.

(Photo of my new Nokomis mittens via here)

Edit: Here are some pictures regarding the VW pants (there you are Stace!). The first is actually of the pants, but I could only find full pictures of very similar looking Worlds End pants. Mine are from the Anglomania collection, are silvery with a black inner buttoned layer, and are made of viscose, wool, and mohair.

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