Monday, October 12, 2009

Woven eyes

I am not really a jewelry person. I have a couple of handmade necklaces I wear that could be classified as semi-normal jewelry as they have pendants and clasps, but really I tend to be attracted solely to textile 'jewelry' (ie. Quillinan and kjoo pieces). These woven wire pieces by Jill of Twisted Sister Arts, however, immediately caught my eye (no pun intended). I'm sure these are a huge hit with LoTR nerds (like myself), as are the Gandalf/elvish inspired pendants also found in her shop (like this one). I think I might just need an Evil Eye for myself. This OOAK necklace (below) is also completely stunning (and it took the artist over a week to weave!). Why did I never develop my wire wrapping and gimp string weaving elementary/junior high school skills?!! Sigh.

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