Monday, October 12, 2009

Camilla Wellton

Amazing find today by the name of Camilla Wellton, who is a Swedish designer that I'm embarrassed to not have known about before. I obviously love her new A/W 09/10 collection of little black wool coats, all of which are available to be made in your size and/or with an ecological lining (ie. hemp/silk mixture). You really couldn't go wrong with any one of these, such as the ingenious Kimonoat (top), the Urban Elfin Coat (middle), and the Flower Queen Jacket or Coat (bottom). However, I find that I'm even more drawn to her previous 'Escapist' collection that she has posted on her NJAL page. The flower petal layered skirts and architectural/dracula collar and waist details are incredible. I'd get so much wear out of one of those skirts, as they're so scarily me. Sigh.

By the way, not only does she create simply gorgeous designs, but Camilla also gives 10% of the label's profit to an organization called Vi Skogen "to help promote agroforestry and the planting of new trees." Just wonderful. Methinks a trip to Stockholm is in order.

Visit Camilla Wellton's website to order one of the new A/W coats, and her Facebook page for the most recent updates.

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