Wednesday, November 9, 2011

chloé comme parris

Another Canadian label is now on my radar, teaching me to beware of judging a label by their name (though, in my defense, a name is a label...). I came across the work of sister duo Chloé and Parris Gordon when searching for photos of Laura Siegel's show at this last Toronto Fashion Week, but immediately thought the label name, chloé comme parris, seemed like they were being a bit too blunt about not being a Paris or London Fashion Week-worthy label. Little did I know that the moniker is based on the designer's first names. Sigh. Anyway, the Internets seems to be all happy about ccp's move away from the more goth-friendly look with their S/S 12 collection, but it's that dark and depressing mood of the A/W 11 collection (via NJAL) that really gets me happy. I could post the majority of the photos here as they all look like outfits I would wear a time or two. But I really want to focus on my favorite piece. It's the perfect combination of my Patricia Ayres Artisanal Coat, business casual (notice the turned up cuffs?), and something medieval. Why don't I have warm pieces that aren't winter jackets? I want this.

ccp also has a webshop featuring items from, I believe, the A/W 10 collection that are all fantastically on sale. I would have to look into their sizing a bit closer before ordering anything, but they have some great stuff. A blazer with the Rad Hourani aesthetic, shoulder cut-outs, AND ribbed cuffs? Oh, and it closes with magnets (do not hug your VHS copy of 10 Things I Hate About You while wearing this...). Sisters Gordon, I give you 10 out of 10.

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