Saturday, November 20, 2010


Though outside is frightfully cold, I have to admit that this afternoon off has been rather lovely. First of all, I pulled together a very mydearthing-heavy outfit which might just be my favorite layered concoction yet. I should also mention that each and every piece in said outfit is an absolute cold weather/layering fiend essential. (From top left to bottom right: Patricia Ayres Artisanal Wool Coat, mydearthing Alpaca 4 Way Shrug worn as a cowl, complexgeometries leggings (which aren't available anymore, though the new long line leggings look pretty sweet), mydearthing Surplus Wool Warmers, James Anthony Apparel custom Augustus print Cut Out Dress (I think I have the only one, so the print shown and linked here is not the same), mydearthing Sheer L/S Sweater worn over top of the JAA dress, and mydearthing Panel Skirt.)

Then, after getting some yummy things from the farmers' market and visiting my sister's booth at the craft fair (go here after tomorrow to see listings for whatever she doesn't sell), I've been repeatedly listening to Credo, which was Monday's part of Lincoln Center's White Light Festival that I was very sad to not be in attendance for. Someone must've recorded the live online stream, because somehow I have gotten a hold of mp3 files for each part of the performance, which featured Kjartan Sveinsson and Jonsi from Sigur Rós (in separate works), backed by the Latvian National Choir, The Hilliard Ensemble, and the Wordless Music Orchestra. Though the songs have nothing to do with Christmas at all, the spectacular sounds of what must've been a magical night for those involved have gotten me in the spirit already. Topped with a chai and some Hershey's Special Dark covered pretzels, I don't mind that I have to stay indoors today at all.

By the way, Credo should be available as an archived stream on WQXR at some point. Go here (later) to see if that stream is up. Or, if you don't mind compensating myself for shipping and a CD-R, something could probably be arranged. It's really quite beautiful music, so it's definitely worth a listen.

(Photo of rehearsal of Kjartan's "Credo" from Sigur Rós' Facebook)

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