Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kia kaha

So today's beekeeping/needling session brought with it some interesting little tidbits about muscles and fasciae and whatnot. Now I am beginning to think that overcoming/dealing with my chronic problems is going to come about from understanding how my body works. And, aside from my beekeeping lessons, I'm thinking I should begin my studies by looking at clothing that explores the human anatomy, i.e. Melissa Hibbott-Simpson's graduate collection. Her's is my favorite look (top left) from Rookie 2010, a fashion show of select grad students from AUT University in Auckland (which I found out about from Fashion156). The photos below are my other favorites from Melissa's fellow grads that were rightly chosen to show at Rookie, namely (left to right, top to bottom) Sarah Atkins, Amber Hodgman, Caroline Nicholls, and Lauren Nuttall. I think New Zealand's fashion scene (and perhaps my muscles) are in good hands.

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