Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm covered in bees.

Sometimes being dark and mysterious has its downsides. You get lonely, can't always deal with stress well, can't often see from under your fringe...

It's times like those that make you think, 'Perhaps I should be a beekeeper. Yeah, I'd like to keep bees. And be Tilda Swinton.'

This indeed was my line of thinking, after seeing an acupuncturist who was a beekeeper for ten years (among other things, such as a doctoral-level researcher). And yes, the two collections pictured here are from the same designer, being Berlin-based Esther Perbandt (whom I actually wrote about previously here). The former is her F/W 10/11 'Rendez-vous avec la lune' collection, and the latter is her S/S 11 'Hanna' collection. Beautiful.

Now I simply have to figure out a way to keep this newfangled relaxed feeling going through my 7pm -3am shift... Oh, I know:

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