Thursday, November 25, 2010


Tonight I've been wishing that a place on the Internets existed whereby people like you and I could list and/or buy, from a particular person, a care package of sorts containing a few of said person's favorite things. 'Favorites' is a word/category bandied around so much in the blogosphere and online shopping sphere. And wanting to share my favorites is one reason why I started a blog. But I find that just sharing them via posting a picture/link/few words isn't fulfilling enough for me. When I find a true favorite, I always have this impulse to buy another of that item to give to someone else. This Christmas I had the fleeting idea of only buying my favorite things to give to my family for their gifts. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that they're not necessarily the target group of my eclectic interests, and so I'm just going the traditional route of getting things I know they'll like (rather than what I think they should like). Nonetheless, not unlike a certain daytime talk show host, I'd love to put together a physical package of my favorite things to actually give to someone, rather than just mention them (or talk about them incessantly) on my blog. Such favorites would include a certain clothing item (or two), book, movie, album, bag of coffee, coffee mug, beauty item, and photo of my favorite place (the exact details of such being kept silent in case this idea ever came to fruition). Granted, this would be a particularly expensive venture, not to mention time-consuming, as my favorite things hail from a few different places in the world. 

Hence why there should be somewhere where people who have a few dollars to spare can auction off a surprise parcel containing a few of their favorite things to adoring fans and kindred spirits (who, again, have a few dollars to spare). The proceeds of the winning bid would go towards the actual expenses incurred by gathering said favorites (and, I would suggest, any extra to a charity of that person's choice), so perhaps it wouldn't be that bad of a deal for the parcel maker. I for one would bid on Neil Gaiman's Favorite Things. Or Henry Rollins'. Or Björk's. Or Vivienne Westwood's. Or yours.

Whose Favorite Things would you bid on?

On a completely unrelated note, some of you already know about my shop and the sale I have going on right now. I realize now that I'm simply just adding to all the Black Friday sales kicking around the Internets. Being Canadian, I always forget about American Thanksgiving and their version of our Boxing Day. So I apologize for the coincidence, and for my severe deficiency of noir items in my sale. But I digress. Aside from listing never worn items for a fraction of the original price, every Friday until New Year's Eve I'm marking down two random items even further by 50%. Or to 50%. Whichever you'd prefer. These two items will be on sale just for the weekend. And because I may be out and about tomorrow, I thought I'd mark down the first two items today. Here is item #1, and item #2. All other deals (i.e. $5 off for each additional item and $10 for regular shipping) still apply.

P.S. Happy American Thanksgiving!

Edit: As nearly half my items have sold in less than a week, after this weekend, only one item will be marked down every Friday until December 31st. Mean, aren't I? I kind of feel like a kid again, making up the not entirely logical rules to a new schoolyard game as I go.

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