Friday, November 19, 2010

Logan Neitzel, S/S 11

This collection, just like my baked-goods-smelling coffee, is seriously cool. Kind of what I would expect Lisbeth Salander to wear if she hit her head and was wanting to soften her look a little. These pieces are part of the S/S 11 'Zeitgeist' offerings of (the totally adorable) NYC-based designer Logan Neitzel, who was in Season 6 of Project Runway (alongside Louise Black). My apologies for the pixelated photos below; such fine designs do not deserve such, but these are all that the Internets had to offer for a wider look at the collection. 

Though his work in practice may not be for me with the leather accents and accessories, I can easily appreciate his work in theory: "His work nods to trends, but Neitzel designs for those with individual approaches to style. His combination of hard and soft telltale a discerning eye. Pieces are built to wear. Everything is heavy. One sits up straighter in a Logan Neitzel dress."

Logan, please call me when you find a leather replacement. I would be most willing to fly down to NY to pick something up for myself. My posture needs a little improvement anyway.

(Non-pixelated photos via Logan's Facebook)

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