Friday, November 12, 2010


This week, my uniform was my black straight leg Mavi's, my monochrome Chucks, (Henry Rollins,) and some sort of t-shirt. This simple laid back look is what I'm reaching for more often nowadays, leaving most of my wardrobe neglected (and significantly cutting down on my portion of laundry day, at least weight-wise). However, if it's not in relation to a metal band or my love of NY, I still need my t's to have a little personality. And from now on, I'm thinking said 't's' need a little personality of the font persuasion. And though I always thought I was a Courier type of girl, I'm now firmly ensconced in the Cooper Black camp. At least at 4452 (Made in Japan) points. 

('T' shirts brilliantly designed by Masashi Kawamura, based on the silhouettes of (from top to bottom) Cooper Black, Caslon (does this font exist on Microsoft Word?), Helvetica, Courier, and Baskerville. Found via Not Couture.)

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