Tuesday, November 16, 2010

White Wisp


It's snowing that kind of snow that you know is the real beginning of winter. The kind of snow that makes me worry about the couple of Canadian geese I saw frantically flying southwest this morning. So begins the four months of being grateful for a cozy apartment on the really cold days, and going crazy from being in a tiny apartment on the really cold weeks. Soon I'll be looking forlornly at my favorite ballet flats and (not begrudgingly) wearing some old friends. For now, I suppose I'll just enjoy this very comfy spot on the couch, underneath my warm crocheted blanket from my grandma, and my overheating laptop. Can someone get me a chai?

(Photos of a most perfect wintery wool wrap from hier apparel, also available in charcoal, black, chocolate brown, and forest green. Though it goes against my very nature, I'm extremely tempted to get the white, not completely uninfluenced by Spock's wardrobe from the one or two movies I may have watched last night...)

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