Monday, November 1, 2010

Lovisa Burfitt

Since seeing The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (followed by reading all three books, and then seeing the other two movies), I've been kinda sorta obsessed with Noomi Rapace. And/or Lisbeth Salander. In my mind, really, they tend to be the same person. I can definitely say that an actress/character hasn't caught my eye like this since Eva Green/Sibylla in Kingdom of Heaven. The 'punk princess' outfit (above) that Noomi wore at Cannes 2009 (and partly again in her Swedish Elle spread from September 2009, below), designed by Paris-based Swedish designer/illustrator Lovisa Burfitt, was the perfect mix of character and actress. 

There should be a lot more black (and metal hardware) on the red carpet. Actually, there should just be a lot more BURFITT (sorry, the label name is in all caps) on the red carpet. Lovisa's A/W collections (below) tend to be full of theatrical (and gender-bending) black pieces that don't really photograph well in either the dark or the sunlight, but I can tell by their lovely silhouettes that they'd be rather fun to wear. 

As BURFITT is available at Opening Ceremony in NY, I think I have another reason to go back. Like I needed one...

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