Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Michael Kampe

Somehow I'm not surprised that a boy created a collection inspired by explosions. Or, more specifically, exploded view drawings. These are from the graduate collection of German-born, Belgian-educated (at The Royal Academy Antwerp), and Italy-based designer Michael Kampe. And though I suppose I shouldn't say 'boy', as Michael is 23, I find this to be rather amazing work from such a young designer. I particularly love the giant prints (such as on the deconstructed/reconstructed jacket below), which are taken from photos by Naoya Hatakeyama, and cover even the inside of the pieces (see Michael's Flickr for evidence of this). But my favorite might just be the 'Folded, cracked Trenchcoat' (above, last row). You never know when you'd need a go-go-gadget-exploding-trench.

P.S. Julian Roberts' website is open today...Click here if you want to join me in being distracted for a while.

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