Monday, July 18, 2011

good morning - midnight

There's something about Austrian label good morning - midnight, from duo Manuela Buxer and Lukas Eckhart, that keeps me going back to their Etsy shop just to stare at the clothes. And it seems like each return visit brings a different piece to my attention, even though I know I've seen all of them before. Each good morning - midnight piece is so simple in design and basic in form, and yet it seems like I've never seen a long sleeved cotton shirt quite like that, or an A-line skirt that blends 60s mod with today's minimalism so easily. This season (seen above) brings something new to good morning - midnight as, previous to this collection (seen below), nearly every handmade piece featured interesting seams, colour-blocking (i.e. patchwork) in a simple and very functional colour palette, and perfect tailoring (in both the cotton/spandex pieces and the lined wool pieces). In other words, the kind of pieces that would make you want to get an office job. But I think the new designs are quite a lovely compliment to the good morning - midnight aesthetic, with the pretty linen and wool aprons, collared dresses, and layered skirts. Perfect for a day on the beach where your only task is to look for sand dollars.

Oh, and did I mention that the good morning - midnight cardigan (above left) I bought for my man (many of the pieces are unisex - just order according to the size chart) is both the highest quality and nicest overall piece of clothing he owns? Indeed, he even proudly tells people that it was handmade for him in Austria when they comment on it. Ah, show me a sweater that never pills (and makes my man happy), and you will find a loyal customer for life. My only problem has been deciding on what to buy for myself (first). Though I think it might have to be this half-button up shirt dress, basically because it has pockets. I'm pretty sure that's exactly why it's called 'it all beings with a smile'.

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